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Criminal Examinations:
We offer polygraph examinations in criminal cases for you, your loved ones, or your clients. We are independent and provide confidential, fast and accurate results. We offer a quality control review of all of our examinations at no cost to the client.
Have you been accused of a crime? A polygraph exam can help prove the truthfulness of your statements. This exam may help expedite your case in court or prove the truthfulness of your statements.
We have extensive experience in a wide range of criminal exams ranging from homicide, sex crimes, child abuse,and gang crimes. We proudly offer validated testing formats in compliance with federal formats as taught by the National Center for Credibility Assessment and listed by the American Polygraph Association.
Family Disputes:
Desert Polygraph conducts polygraph testing regarding family disputes in any area. Is inheritance missing? Are you trying to locate hidden assets? A polygraph test may resolve this issue.
Drug Use:
Desert Polygraph conducts polygraph examinations regarding suspected drug use. If you suspect a loved one is using or involved with drugs, a polygraph exam may help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.
Employee Theft:
Desert Polygraph is insured and experienced in conducting examinations pursuant to EPPA guidelines. Call us before you speak to any of your employees regarding employee theft issues.
Resume and Application verification:
Have the information contained in your application or resume verified with the polygraph instrument. This may result in expedited hiring.
Truth Verification:
It is just as important for our polygraph test results to verify a truthful statement as it is for us to identify a deceptive statement. Everyone benefits from the truth. Our polygraph instruments can verify a statement's accuracy.
We can also conduct detailed interviewing at your discretion. Interviews are conducted before and after a polygraph examination or can be done alone. A thorough unbiased interview may help you make decisions.
Civil Examinations:
In civil matters we may be able to provide sufficient information to help settle your case more rapidly and possibly in your favor.
Fidelity Testing:
Fidelity testing may help you decide to continue in a relationship, or not, or receive appropriate counseling. Fidelity testing is not a substitute for counseling.
However, it may allow you to proceed with accurate information. Let a polygraph examination help you make an informed decision.
Fidelity testing is important. Hire the right person to do the exam for you.
Pre-employment Examinations:
Pre-employment polygraph testing can also be done priced competetively with other firms. Law enforcement, security, and armored car companies benefit from this.
Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing:
Post-conviction sex offender testing is performed to determine the truth regarding sexual history, maintenance, to aid service care providers in rehabilitation, parole, or probation. Sam is certified through the American Polygraph Association to perform PCSOT Testing.
Desert Polygraph Examinations
All of our polygraph testing is done on the Lafayette LX-4000 or LX-5000 computerized polygraph instrument. We travel to a location near you, for the polygraph test in order to provide you with the most comfortable surroundings available.  Results are available after the testing.
We also offer polygraph testing in Spanish at no additional cost.
Our polygraph examinations consist of a thorough pre-test interview, chart collection phase, and a post-test interview.
A good, well designed polygraph exam can help you make informed decisions.  We work with our clients to ensure questions accurately cover the area in question.
We proudly offer testing formats in compliance with federal formats as taught by the National Center for Credibility Assessment, the Utah Protocol, and the DLST.
Quality Control Review
We can review and perform a quality control review of examinations you have had in the past. 
Desert Polygraph Clients:
We have provided polygraph services for private attorneys in criminal and civil matters, immigration attorneys, private parties, as well as many local and state law enforcement agencies.
We have conducted many polygraph examinations in California State Prisons and County jails. We have also conducted polygraph examinations in the western United States and Baja California, Mexico.
Se les ofresco examenes poligraficos en Espanol. Hable a (725) 333-9737 con sus preguntas.

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